WooCommerce Introduction Class by Awesome Sites

As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as free lunch” so we make best on the next alternative (or even better alternative), which is to attend a free classe. A free class can’t satisfy our hungar but we may gain new insights that will enable us to broaden our view on a subject that we are interested in.

I wrote an article about my experience in Adam Khoo’s Free Seminar on stock investing. You can find the link here. And, two days ago I signed up for WooCommerce (It is a plugin in WordPress that enables WordPress blog user to setup a basic e-commerce store) class that is conducted by Awesome Sites. Why? I have interest to develop an e-commerce website but I am too stingy to spend a single cent (except my time) to attend a course until I know it is what I really want to pursue in the longer term. So Youtube videos and free classes suit me at this point of time.

I did not have a good impression about Awesome Sites before signing up because I have a strong distaste for fanciful company names. The previous seminars or classes that I attended are located at city area and in a large carpetted classrooms but this was conducted at a 200 sqft shop in a secluded shopping mall (you tell me la, how not to have bad impression?). To make matter worse, the trainer was late to the class. This first impression was so bad that I almost decided to leave the place, thinking this is a scam or the class is cancelled without informing the participants.

But I was proven wrong when Andrew Koh started the classroom training. Clad with T-shirt and jeans, he probed our intent of attending this class and explain what we would achieve in his 4 hours class session (Yes! It is 4 hours). He was very detail and deliberate with his instructions on how to setup a basic WooCommerce store, patiently repeated unclear steps and shared his experience in setting up websites for his client. You may ask what have I achieved through his 4-hours class?

  1. Why use WooCommerce and WordPress Vs other e-commerce platform.
  2. Setup a functional WooCommerce store on wordpress platform
  3. Pros and cons of the various money transaction platforms offered by WooCommerce
  4. How to use WooCommerce functions to stock-up, provide refund or discount to customers
  5. The importance of SEO to build traffic into our webpage vs using expensive means of advertising through Adword or social platform such as Facebook
  6. How Adword in Google works to advertise a webpage, its costs and how to strategically use it
  7. Dropshipping is a low margin business, which relies on high advertisement cost to boast sales.
  8. Awareness on the additional functions that can be coded to WooCommerce plugin (if you know how to code)

Andrew conducts paid class for anyone who wishes to learn how to setup additional functions in WooCommerce through coding. The additional functions can also be created through paid plugins but at a more expensive cost compared to coding. He also shared how these additional functions can increase conversion of traffic into sales and the various way to profit from more sophiscated e-commerce store.

At the end, do I think it is worth attending his 4-hours free class? My answer would be a BIG yes and there is a lot to learn from this gentleman, who is kind enough to share his experience and knowledge

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