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Ledger – The most secure way to store crypto assets

I have been using Ledger, specifically nano s model since Dec 2017 and I would like share my experience in this post.

Ledger Nano S
Unboxing Ledger Nano S

The ledger nano s comes with the hardware wallet, usb cable, key chain and a strap. A card is provided to jot down your recovery keys.

The hardware wallet design is functional and simple. I simply like the touch of metal surface on outer device, which also gives added protection to the hardware. The inner part shelves the screen, buttons and electronics. It reminds me of a thumb drive design in early 2000s.

The light blue font on black screen background is clear with good contrast but font size may be a little small for some users. Display info such as public keys cannot fit into one screen so the info auto scrolls back and forth. This may be uncomfortable for some users when verifying transaction public address.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

The two side buttons enable you to toggle options on display. They have clicky feel on it. Not sure about other users experience, but I felt a little lagginess in timing between despressing the buttons and receiving the confirmation on screen. If you are overly inpatient, you may end up just like me pressing the buttons mutiple times just to be sure.

Ledger hardware can be used for almost all the top cryptocurrency (in term of market capitalisation) that offers hardwallet option. For some cryptos e.g. Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin, ledger offers transaction balance tracking but for others e.g. TRON, EOS, the wallet only serves as a private key to access funds. You can still find those cryptocurrency transaction history from their respective mainnet.

To perform or view transaction history, you can download ledger live in desktop or mobile version. The software is intuitive and user friendly.

Ledger Live desktop and mobile version

My advice is to get a handphone USB converter to enable you to use ledger directly on your phone. It only cost <$1 but will provide great convenience especially when you need to access your funds frequently.

After using it more than half a year, I am satisfied with the design and function for the price I paid. I even have another one as a spare!

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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