How not to save money?

There are 101 ways to save money but are there ways not to? Here are some life examples,

Wife said, “Eh hubby, pump petrol at this station leh, red light appearing on petrol indicator already”. Husband replied with a wink, “No problem, still can go another 30km. Next petrol station only another 28km along the highway. Car burn less fuel when travelling lighter” 

Edmund with a chesty cough says, “Aiya, fever two week only. See doctor very expensive. Monitor first”

Is the phrase penny wise, pound foolish familliar in this case? We can sometimes be irrational that blinds us from assessing the bigger pictue. The yearning to save money prevents us from

Weighing the risk over the benefit of saving the money

“Aiya, this car make in Europe, engine can last very long, no need to send for maintenance. Money save can use to go eat ho liau (means sumptious meal in hokkien)” said Ah Kau to his mate

“This mitsubishi air con has been operating for 10 years without any cleaning. Save so much cleaning fee!” Kim proudly declared to his home visitors

Jerel rebute his wife request for him to do medical check, “Aiya, medical check up for what, I am fit like a fiddle. Save the money for rainny days better”

Maintenace of an asset (including your health and well being) is often neglected because its rammification cannot be seen immediately

Invest in health and maintenance of your asset. It will benefit in the longer run

“I work in this company for so long already and very comfortable with this job. Why need to pay for training to learn new skills?” said James to his colleague

Bob is used to the old ways said “My money is doing fine in the fixed deposit account. I dont need to learn how to invest” 

Many of us forget that the best investment we can give to ourselves is education.

Be generous in spending for education that will keep you relevant in a fast moving world

Have you encountered any similar experience by yourself or observe this trait on someone else? Share your thoughts in the comment section

Dan Khoo Production produces a short funny clip on this topic, you can view it here. Have fun!


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