How much do you appreciate financial freedom? I do, very much.

I regard myself as a hardworking person and strive to be successful by my own defination. I enjoy silent competition to improve myself; not to show I am better than anyone else. Because I think the purpose of life is not to be a winner in competition but to contribute to the greater good of human society.

In a reality, we can only do so much to help others and life requires us to care first for ourselves and our closest family & friends. For that, I realize how important it is to be financially independent before I can truly achieve my noble goal.

Like the majority, I followed the “conventional” upbringing; study hard for good academic grades, find a good career in a company that pays well, work hard to climb the corporate ladder and earn a decent salary to uproot my family financial status.

Over the years, I came to realisation how irrelevant academic results without desire to continue learning and improving. How naive to believe working hard and faithfully in the company will guarantee career growth and satisfaction. How gullible to think that “conventional” upbringing provides stability in life.

It never become so obvious to me until recently that my career came to a standstill. I still have my job, I still have incoming salary. But doing daily work assignments that are inmaterial to my goals and does not promote growth in my career skillset. I sacrifice my time, career aspiration and personal goals to make a living for my family.

If only I can be financially independent…

If only I start paying attention and effort on the the right matters…

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