Crypto Passive Income

In this article, I am sharing ways I found to generate passive income from my cryptocurrency. So far, I own passive income investment in BET token and TRON coin.

I wrote about EOSBet platform here. It is the world first licensed crypto casino. BET token holders receives proportional dividend from casino profit. Recently, the project launched its token in Binance, which enables purchase and selling of token in decentalised crypto market.

Currently, I own 23.4K ($ 1.3K @ current market price) BET that generates 2.32 EOS ($9.14 @current market price) dividend since 1st Sept. That is a respectable 9% dividend per year. EOSBet uses its dividend from its BET holdings to purchase market BET. These BET tokens are then burned, which effectively reduced market circulation and potentially increase BET value.

BET dividend since 01-09-19

I am also invested in TRON. Although, many in crypto community claimed the project is more hype than progress but I decided to give a try after more research. TRON network has the most dapps and users (although mostly gambling dapps). The most compelling reason why I invested in Tron is to capitalise their investment on BitTorrent. They are expanding use of cryptocurrency into BitTorrent that act as incentive to boast BitTorent transaction speed. Futher to it, there is plan to develop a media platform on BitTorrent.

TRON works on delegated proof of stake concept. Every TRX owner is eligible to vote for a mining community. In return, mining community will share certain percentage of their profit to their voters.

Till date, I have 190K TRX (bought @ $4.6K) in my wallet, which I used to vote for TRONEurope community. I earn 966TERC ($2.6 @ current market price) since 1st Sept. This translates to about 2.9% annual return.

TRX dividend 01-09-19

I will continue to share updates on my crypto dividend earning at appropriate interval. Feel free to comment your thoughts or queries in the comment box below.

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