Adam Khoo’s Free Seminar

I participated Adam Khoo’s seminar in Suntec Singapore. Just in case if you don’t know, he is Singapore entrepreneur and executive chairman of Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group. It’s a 3 hours session that taught me about combining investing fundamental with technical analysis to beat the market. He makes his delivery easy to understand that brings down the curtain for investing. Participants were delighted by his energetic and witty presentation. The occasional SG styled humour lightens up the seminar.

Adam also spoke about ETFs (and inverse ETFs!) that can be a long term investment to beat inflation. Based on historical records, the main index; e.g. Hang Seng and Dow Jones has been performing with 8-10% pa! Although it is mired with dips during financial crisis, the long term commitment and investment is fruitful. “Invest, close your eye, wake up 30 years later and you will have 8%pa!”. But, this is for a long term, and if you are unable to stomach the stock price dips, this is not an investment for you.

The seminar also touches about the basics for technical analysis (e.g. mean avg curve, candlesticks) and how it is used with value investing. He demonstrated how these tools can be used to predict the rise and fall stock markets. Technical analysis is used to predict the movement of market that is dominated by human’s psychology behaviour.

He also speaks about combination of REITs, ETFs and growth stock to improve robustness of stock portfolio. The right REIT stocks provide defensive guard to your growth stock portfolio in bad market times. Do you know that REIT is mandated to give 90% of profit back to its shareholder?

It does not cost money to attend his free seminar and if you have just started investing, I would recommend you to attend it to get an overview of the stock market. He also offered professional courses with a certain fee.

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